Memory Flash Card Storage Case Carry Case - Army Knife Type Design - Portable Keyring Holder - Fits 5 x SD/SDHC/SDXC Cards & 2 X Micro SD/HC/XC Cards


SAFE, SECURE: Keep your SD and Micro SD card safe and secure in this stylish, robust carry case. You can safely store SD, SDHC, SDXC & Micro SD cards (Not included) in this case, keeping all of your data secure and in one place.

'ARMY' STYLE DESIGN: This keyring, Army style carry case has three ‘blades’ that fold out from the main unit providing quick and easy access to your data storage cards and the important data that they contain.

HANDY SIZED KEYRING: To make it even easier to carry your SD and Micro SD cards with you, this highly functional carry case can be attached to your existing keyring. Convenience has never been easier with SD and Micro SD card carry cases.

COMPACT CONSTRUCTION: At a little over 10cm this King of Flash keychain style carry case is the perfect size for your pocket or bag - never leave your data behind ever again.

STYLISH STORAGE: Data cases have never looked better. Striking blue with black trim, this carry case will not look out of place anywhere.

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