Adjustable Spinal Support Clavicle Brace for Upper Back and Shoulders - for Women and Men

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Do you frequently suffer from back, shoulder, or neck pains? Do you feel low on confidence and energy due to bad upper body posture issues? Stop slouching, improve health and regain your inner confidence with Fitness Guru Posture Corrector for men and women. Poor posture over the years can lead to neck, shoulder, or back pains; this body posture trainer is designed to restrain your body to assume the correct posture. By gently pulling your shoulders back, this posture correction brace keeps you upright and improve your posture. Comfortable and convenient, this spinal brace support has soft, breathable straps, which can be adjusted to fit your upper body size without a problem. With no skin irritation and sweating assured, it is ideal to be worn at home or office. The posture correction back brace has an innovative Figure 8 design and is comfortable to wear under or over clothes. Simply loosen the straps and put on just like a backpack!

INNOVATIVE DESIGN - This softly padded back posture corrector has an adjustable strap and buckle design that perfectly fits your body curves providing a comfortable back support.

FOR IMPROVED POSTURE - This posture correction brace helps you relieve back pain and muscle tension while improving your spinal alignment. It trains your muscles, realign your spine, so you naturally stand/sit with your back straight with shoulder pulled back.

OPTIMAL BREATHABILITY - This easy and comfortable to wear the posture brace is made using high-quality, breathable foam material, which means you can even wear it under clothes without sweating problems.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND DISCREET - A key benefit of this spinal support brace is its discreet design that stays invisible and undetectable under clothes. You can wear it at work in office, at home or when out with family and friends.

SUITABLE FOR - The Fitness Guru clavicle brace helps with medical conditions such as Kyphosis, Hunchback, neck or shoulder pain, slouching, scoliosis, back aches, and so on.

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