Hip Circle Resistance Premium Glute Booty Exercise Squat Gym Band, Non-Slip Elastic Loop Leg Resistance Bands for Strength Training, Suitable for Men and Women - Pink, Blue,Purple


Our hip resistance band is ideal for intensive glute, hip and thigh workout, can be looped around the legs to perform squats and other types of exercise, resulting in a highly toned and well-shaped lower body booty builder.

  • Multi-functional hip band. Perfect for slimming, hip lifting or muscle strength training.
  • The most effective glute band & tool to help you achieve the best warm-up possible.
  • Cues to force knees out while squatting and deadlifting, helping accelerate muscle activation and strength.
  • Lightweight fitness bands makes it easy to bring them anywhere.
  • Elastic and tight sewing methods are difficult to break.
  • Premium Booty Band

  • High quality materials makes this glute resistance bands the correct level of resistance for a range of exercises designed to activate your glutes and hip abductors as well as shape the perfect booty

    Superior Performance

  • Our enhanced and upgraded non-slip gym exercise bands ensure to stay in place for a range of exercises at high intensity and for a longer period. It is also machine washable for your convenience

    Portable Workout Solution

  • Taking up such little space of this booty builder is the ultimate portable fitness accessory that folds away conveniently. Use it in your lunch hour, on the beach, in the park or just at home

    Exercise Now for Perfect Body Curves

  • The resistance bands set is particularly designed for legs and hips shaping, heavy duty workout protection, glutes activation and boost. Or you can also use it for Yoga and Pilates resist bands.

    Superior Quality

  • This hip circle resistance band designed with a premium material for greater comfort and quality feel. Soft fabric, non-slip features of this exercise resistance bands will not catch your leg hairs. 3 various legnths and weights to ensure the perfect workout. These heavy resistance bands will not snap or break like many others !

    Suitable Booty Band

  • Our Heavy duty glute bands are perfect for both men and women for intensive workout, focused around the glute, hip, bum and thigh muscles. This squat band is a perfect resistance bands for legs and glutes as provides a much higher level of resistance than regular bands and the fabric ensures it doesnt ride up like others.

    Versatile Exercise Band

  • Use our 3 pack bootie bands for warming up glutes and legs, activating hips, walking side steps, hip abductions, squat pad& deadlift stabilization, hip thrusts, forward & backward walks, side lying clams, yoga, pilates and more

    DESIGNED FOR INTENSE WORKOUTS - Want a highly toned and well-shaped lower body? Our exercise bands focus on intensive work on the leg, hip and booty muscles. You get the results you seek!

    PREMIUM MATERIAL - Unlike the traditional latex or rubber exercise loop, our set is made of high-quality stretchable cotton polyester fabric. It is softer and won't slide, roll up, or snap while in use.

    TENSION LEVELS TO MATCH YOUR NEEDS - Our bands come in 3 different types of the same size. You can gradually level up with the better fit, whether you are a beginner or an advanced sports athlete.

    HIGHLY PORTABLE - These stretchy gym straps weigh next to nothing. You can take them anywhere you go. Bring it to work so you can make the most of your break time. Also perfect for travelling - best resistance bands for glutes uk

    100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We are confident that our resistance loop set will leave you more than satisfied. In the improbable case that you have issues with it, feel free to contact us.

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