Portable Electronics Carrying Case Ideal Storage for Travel


USB flash drives and memory cards often carry important files and photos. The worst-case scenario is losing all of that valuable information without having a backup. You can't afford to lose your charging cords and go without power. We want to make sure that your flash drives, memory cards, and cords are safe and sound. Although these devices can be resilient to changes in temperature and mild levels of humidity, they aren't indestructible. Flash drives and memory cards can stop working when exposed to water, extreme temperatures, and even large falls. Our multipurpose electronics case will keep you organized and will protect your equipment from harm. Because this case is small and compact, it makes the perfect storage organizer to add to your travel gear! You could store it in a backpack, purse, computer case, or even carry it in your hand. This organizer case contains six mesh compartments to cradle your drives and protect them from damage. While the inside of the case is roomy enough for most of your equipment, the outside of the storage case is durable and waterproof. Made with a robust zipper that isn't prone to breaking and nylon that is water resistant, this case will protect your precious memories, files, and other devices from damage. And the inner compartments are covered in mesh so you can easily discern the contents of the case. With this storage case, you won't have to worry about the elements! King of Flash's waterproof multipurpose storage case is extremely affordable. Get the protection you need for your equipment without sacrificing quality.

MULTIPURPOSE: King of Flash's electronics case organizer is the perfect option for all of your various organization needs. The case is equipped with 6 mesh pockets and an elastic band, which is perfect for storing a pen or stylus. The mesh pockets can store your charging cables, USB flash drives, memory and SIM cards, and so much more! Don't be caught without this padded travel case.

TRAVEL SIZE: Our travel case isn't too large to travel with. Don't lose your USB storage drives, memory cards, or cables when you travel. The multi-pocket case can store and organize anything you need to keep close to you. It can easily fit in your backpack, purse, or computer bag, and can even be carried by hand.

WATERPROOF CASE: Keep your USB drives, memory cards, and cables safe with this waterproof case. You never know when it might rain or if your water bottle will leak. Storing your USB drives, memory cards, and cables in a waterproof case can help you avoid the worst-case scenario. Just a tinge of moisture can erase your files. Maintain organization and protect your equipment at the same time!

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Unlike other flimsy cases, this storage organizer is made with high-quality materials to protect your electronics. The zipper is robust and won't disappoint you. The nylon material resists sunlight and weathering, in addition to being waterproof. There is extra padding added to the outside of the case to provide better protection.

RELIABLE STORAGE: Keep your equipment from becoming a pile of rubbish. While flash drives, memory cards, and cords tend to be quite resilient to temperature and humidity levels, if they exceed their limit, they could stop working altogether. Another foe to your equipment is gravity. Dropping your stuff could result in damage. With this case, these factors are effectively eliminated.

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