26 Slot SD Card Holder Memory Card Case - Storage for 4 CF+8 SD+9 Micro SD+1 Standard SIM+2 Micro SIM+2 Nano SIM+1 with Sim Removal Tool


The memory card box can be used to store the following cards:9 x Micro SD / Micro SDHC/ Micro SDXC 8 x SD / SDHC / SDXC

  • 4 x CF (Compact Flash)
  • 2 x Nano Sim Card
  • 2 x Micro Sim Card
  • 1 x Standard Sim Card
  • 1 x Sim Removal Tool Included
  • THE ONLY CASE YOU NEED - Memory Cards are our passion at King of Flash, so we thought hard about a case that would meet all the needs for our customers. The box Stores various SD, SDHC, SDXC, Micro SD, Micro SDHC, Micro SDXC, Compact Flash (CF) & Sim Cards - This is truly Universal & Versatile providing 26 Slots in 1 Case.

    MADE FROM PREMIUM MATERIALS - We make our holders robust using polycarbonate on the outside protecting from drops and falls of all kinds - In fact you could drive over these cases and it would not break ! Inside we use a water-resistant TPV material seal to keep water and dust entering the holder ensuring those precious memories are always kept safe and secure.

    TAILORED FIT - sometimes these kind of cases are really difficult to remove the memory card but we have used a sturdy TPU rubber which is a hybrid mixture of silicone and plastic that creates a smooth dense rubber which makes it super easy to remove the memory cards easily and quickly when you need it while at the same time offering enough protection so that it won't fall out either or come loose while moving.

    PERFECTLY SUIT ALL YOUR NEEDS - Whether you are using this case for travel, home or work the memory card holder will not disappoint. If you just want to store your cards in one place, perhaps in a drawer - great this will do the job, we even provide a soft bag to cover the storage box. If its for work or travel, perhaps you want to clip it or carry it on your bag pack or camera case ? - sure, the case has a plastic loop so a key ring or carabiner would fit on it.

    PORTABLE MEMORY CARD CASE - This memory card holder is both lightweight and small making it easy enough to take with you wherever you go. We have also ensured the ergonomic locking system keeps the memory case secure and easy to open and close through the quick release lock buckle. We are so confident you will love this case for your memory card and therefore provide a money back guarantee if you are not happy.

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