Memory Card Storage Carrying Case Holder for 8 x Micro SD / Micro SDHC / Micro SDXC & 4 x SD / SDHC / SDXC

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The King of Flash Memory Card Case is a tough, water-resistant polycarbonate case made to carry and store memory cards.

A moulded protective rubber interior lining protects against harmful shocks, by securing each memory card within the MC case. Each slot is strictly tailored to fit the card perfectly and protects the cards from going around. The case adopts a compact design; one side allows you store 4 SD Cards while another side stores 8 micro SD cards.

In this way the King of Flash enables you store 4 SD cards and 8 micro SD cards in all. The yellow water-resistant silicone seal keeps unwanted debris and water from entering the case.

The ergonomic locking system keeps the cards securely in the case while allows you open it with your finger easily.

In addition, the side of the case has an extra hole for easy carrying.


  • Material: ABS + PC + TPU + Silicone
  • Stores: 4 SD cards and 8 micro SD cards
  • Color: Black
  • Size(L X W X D): 143mm X 80mm X 28mm
  • Weight: 154g


SHOCKPROOF MICRO SD & SD CARD HOLDER: This incredibly tough memory card holder case is made of durable plastic and silicone to ensure that your memory cards will be safe and protected. The outside layer of the case is made from strong ABS plastic. This case can endure drops and falls of all kinds. Your cards will be protected from any tumble that the case might face.

WATER RESISTANT: The yellow seal of this micro SD & SD card case is made from a water-resistant silicone. With this water resistant feature, you can be sure that your memory cards will be safe from exposure to water in our storage case. This silicone seal makes the cards in this case safe from dust, weather, and anything else it might come into contact with.

PERFECT FIT: The inside of the King of Flash Memory Card Storage Case is made from a sturdy TPU rubber. This material is a hybrid mixture of silicone and plastic that creates a smooth, dense rubber. There are 4 SD card molds & 8 Micro SD molds cut into this rubber. Each slot allows for memory cards to snuggly fit. You don't have to worry about your cards sliding around in the case. The Case provides the perfect balance for storing both the popular Micro SD & SD Cards or adapters.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MICRO SD & SD CARDS: This case is the perfect tool to keep close by for your memory card needs. It's compatible with all micro SD memory card & SD Memory cards, it can be used with brands like Sandisk, Kingston, Integral. Organize all of your SD cards in these precisely cut molds. If you need sturdy storage for your SD & Micro SD cards, this case is the best option! Its not too big like some of the others, just the perfect size to carry in a bag or large camera case

PORTABLE MEMORY CARD CASE: Our memory card case is the perfect case for on-the-go use. Because it's so sturdy, you don't have to worry about your memory cards getting damaged or lost. The case has a plastic loop that a key ring and carabiner would fit perfectly. You could even attach a strap to make carrying this case more convenient.

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