USB Flash Drive Case With Premium Quality Padded Protection For Up To 6 Flash/Key Drives - Hot Pink


FITS 6 FLASH DRIVES: This case is perfect for storing your myriad of thumb drives and key drives. Pack up to six memory drives in the King of Flash memory stick organizer. Create your own flash drive storage bank with our USB drive holder case. You could use this case for other things, like charging cables or memory cards. Whatever you use the case for, you will be impressed by its high quality.

TRAVEL SIZE: Our travel case is the perfect size to travel with. Don’t lose your USB storage drives, memory cards, or cables when you travel. The multi-pocket case can store and organize anything you need to keep close to you. It can easily fit in your backpack, purse, or computer bag, and can even be carried by hand or in a pocket.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Unlike other flimsy cases, this flash drive holder pouch is made with high-quality materials to protect your electronics. The zipper is robust and won’t disappoint you. The outer material resists sunlight. There is extra padding added to the outside of the case to provide better protection.

RELIABLE STORAGE: Keep your equipment from becoming a pile of rubbish. While flash drives, memory cards, and cords tend to be quite resilient to temperature and humidity levels, if they exceed their limit, they could stop working altogether. Another foe to your equipment is gravity. Dropping your stuff could result in damage. With this case, these factors are effectively eliminated.

SHOCK-RESISTANT: Because this case is so well made, it provides a level of shock resistance to your memory drives. The drives are secured in elastic sleeves that hold tight on to your drives. If you drop your case, you won’t have to fret about whether or not your drives survived the fall. You can breathe a little easier knowing that your drives and everything that they hold are safe.

Keep All Together!

No more stress and hassle especially if you misplace your usb sticks often. With all usb drives in one carry case, you are free from worrying about losing your precious content as well as easily being able to find what you need when you need it.

Soft Padded Neoprene USB Case

We have produced the small, lightweight case with soft neoprene material. This flash drive holder is made of high quality material, which is durable and shock-proof, providing great protection for your flash drives.

Neat Sewing & Durable Zipper

We have spent a lot of time and effort sourcing the perfect zippers, it may be a small thing but so often the case with these kind of products is that the zipper tends to break. Not with ours !

We have ensures its a nice smooth zip with a strong zipper ensuring it lasts a long time.

Internal Pocket Space

Inside the usb flash drive cover is a pocket which has 6 compartments that is elasticated so it can safely store flash drives of any physical size and brand.

Perfect for Home, Office or Travel

Use it at home and simply organise your various flash drives so you can easily fund them, or maybe you have numerous drives with music, movies or photos - buy more than 1 in different colours and easily sort your flash drives

Maybe you have important documents stored on a usb stock?, use these cases in your office drawer so they are safe and easily accessible

The case is ideal for traveling, its so small you can fit in easily in any bagpack or luggage ensuring you have all the data you need for trips abroad or holidays.

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