Army Knife-Type Keychain Case for Flash Memory Storage Cards - Fits 2 x SD / SDHC / SDXC 6 x Micro SD 1 x Mini SIM 1 x Micro SIM 1 x Nano SIM


We use SD cards of various sizes for storing important home office documents, photographs, videos, and even music. Because these memory cards are so small and thin, it can be difficult to keep tabs on where they are. We may forget them inside a camera, computer, or card reader. If left out, SD cards can easily become lost or damaged. That's why we created the King of Flash storage case. With the King of Flash, you'll never need to worry about losing your important memory cards. Because of its compact, army-knife design and its keychain link, this storage case will never be far from reach. It holds several SD cards and SIM cards of various sizes, and it even includes a SIM card ejection pin. Keep all of your SD and SIM cards safe and organized in a single, stylish case.

MULTIPLE SD CARD HOLDER - This SD card case by King of Flash is capable of storing up to six micro SD cards and up to two standard-sized SD cards. Depending on the memory capacity of your cards, that represents a huge amount of storage in one compact case. If you're a photographer, or anyone else who regularly uses electronic flash memory, this SD and micro SD card holder is a must-have.

PORTABLE SIM CARD CASE - In addition to being able to store a total of eight SD cards, this case can also hold three SIM cards: one standard, one micro, and one nano. A small eject pin is also included for removing the SIM card from your phone. Because SD cards and SIM cards are so small and thin, they can easily become lost or damaged if not protected. Use this case to protect important data.

USE AS A KEYCHAIN - We've designed this handy SD card organizer so it can be attached to a key ring. Keep all of your memory cards in a single compact case while carrying them from place to place. With this handy SD keychain case, you'll never lose your memory cards or SIM cards. They'll always be right next to your house or car keys.

ARMY-KNIFE DESIGN - This SD and micro SD card case is designed like a pocket knife for superior organization. Three ‘blades' pull out from the case, providing easy access to your data cards. The first ‘blade' level holds six micro SD cards, the second holds two standard SD, SDHC, or SDXC cards, and the third holds a mini SIM, a micro SIM, and a nano SIM card, plus a SIM card removal tool.

HARD, DURABLE PLASTIC - Constructed from hard, durable plastic, these sturdy cases protect your important data. Coloured sky blue with black trim, this is one of the best looking memory card cases on the market.

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