Memory Card Holder Storage Case For Flash Micro SD SDHC SDXC & SD SDHC SDXC with Keychain



  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Black
  • Size: 6cmx6.5x2cm
  • Package contain: Memory Card Holder for 2 x SD / SDHC/ SDXC & 2 x Micro SD / MicroSDHC / MicroSDXC on one side and 1 x CF Compact Flash


MEMORY CARD HOLDER CASE - Camera card storage case made of water-resistant durable plastic. Equip with water-resistant TPV material seal to keep water and dust entering the case. This Memory Card Case Holds 1 x CF (Compact Flash) on the left side and then on the right it stores 2 X Micro SD on the bottom cut out and then 2 x SD, SDHC or SDXC Memory card on the top of it.

WATERPROOF - Integrated custom fit Silicone water-resistant seal. Anti static compound holds cards firm. Tough resin clamp ensures cards are safely locked away from the weather, water, damp, dust and anything else which could damage your memory cards and data

PORTABLE - Comes with a High quality metal lanyard to attach to an eyelet of the memory card case which can be hooked to your keyring or inside a laptop carry case or backpack. This compact and convenient memory card holder and sim card case provides the perfect storage solution for use at home, office or traveling.

STRONG - This King of Flash storage case is made of durable plastic material which provides extreme strength and is the perfect protector against drops and falls. The ergonomic locking system also ensures the case will not open easily keeping your precious data safe

PERFECT ACCESSORY - This is designed with the modern photographer in mind, not only does it store the common CF cards which are used in high end SLR cameras, it can also store the popular SD Card which is universally used in most cameras. As well as this the case can store 2 smaller sizes Micro SD Card which are used in smartphones, action cameras and increasingly more digital cameras too. Therefore this case can really be a useful accessory for a variety of devices. Its small size is perfect in

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