SD/SDHC 4 in 1 Plastic Memory Card Portable Storage Case Holds

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This small plastic memory card case can hold 4 SD / SDHC Cards or 2 SD and 2 Micro SD /SDHC if used in conjunction with the inserts that come with it. Its the perfect companion for all those loose memory cards ensuring your valuable data is kept protected and safe and at the same time organised. The storage case is small enough to fit inside a bag or camera case which is great if you want to interchange the memory cards in a camera while out and about.

  • Great for Transporting SD or Micro SD / HC Cards On The Go - Fits Inside Camera Bag Easily
  • Strog Durable Material - Built To Last
  • Holds 4 SD / SDHC or with the inserts 2 Micro SD & 2 SD
  • Keeps Memory Cards Organised
  • Perfect for Photograpers or When on Holiday

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