Waterproof Anti-shock Silver Metal Memory and SIM Card Holder Case Holds 20 SIM Cards


Are you an avid traveler? Do you have a lot of phones? In any case, you probably have a lot of SIM cards that need to be organized in a safe place. King of Flash's SIM Card Holder Case is the perfect solution for your card management problems. This case is shockproof and can protect your memory cards from everyday bumps and scratches. The material of the outside layer is made from a durable aluminum. The hard, durable shell makes this case ideal for withstanding small drops or falls that the case might face. It's also water resistant. The inside material that holds the cards is made out of TPU rubber. This sturdy rubber is a hybrid mixture of plastic and silicone making it a soft and dense rubber-type material. Molds of the SIM cards are cut into the rubber, which makes them the perfect size for each card. With the cards pressed into the slots, you don't have to worry about your memory cards floating around on their own. They are protected and secure. This case can store up to twenty SIM cards. It stores four SIM cards, four mini SIM cards, and twelve nano SIM cards. Our storage case also comes with a SIM card eject pin tool to help you remove your cards. This case is easy to carry and can even fit in purses, camera cases, or backpacks for convenient portability. Whatever your situation might be, our SIM Card Holder Case is the best choice for your SIM card organization and protection needs.

SHOCKPROOF SIM CARD HOLDER: This incredibly tough SIM card holder case is made of durable silver aluminium to ensure that your memory cards will be safe and protected. This case can endure small everyday drops and falls. Your cards will be protected from almost any tumble that the case might face. The case also protects cards from everyday damages and scratches.

WATER RESISTANT: Protect all of your SIM cards from water with King of Flash's Aluminium SIM Card Holder Case. The water resistant feature makes this SIM card case holder the best option for you. It also comes with a SIM card eject pin tool. You can store 4 SIM cards, 4 mini SIM cards, and 12 nano SIM cards in this classy case.

PERFECT FIT: The inside of the King of Flash SIM Card Holder Case is made from a sturdy TPU rubber. This material is a hybrid mixture of silicone and plastic that creates a smooth, dense rubber. There are 20 SIM card molds cut into this rubber. Each SIM card slot allows for cards to snuggly fit. You don't have to worry about your cards sliding around in the case.

COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SIM CARDS: This slim case is the perfect tool to keep close by for your SIM card needs. It's compatible with SIM cards, mini SIM cards, and nano SIM cards. Organize all of your SIM cards in these precisely cut molds. If you need sturdy storage for your SIM cards, this case is the best option!

PORTABLE SIM CARD CASE: Our SIM card case is the perfect case for on-the-go SIM card needs. Because it's so sturdy, you don't have to worry about your cards getting damaged or lost. The slim design of the stainless steel storage case makes it the perfect size to carry it in your pocket, purse, backpack, camera case, and so many other places.

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